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Sarah McCartney Founder 4160 Tuesdays London

How to sort out a personal business issue ... 

This service is for the small and medium enterprise.  It's designed to bring your dreams into reality, deliver a return on your capital employed, and allow you to profit from strategy at an affordable price in a short time frame. 

'When we hit this little crisis ... we were ready'  Sarah McCartney


Here are some of the problems you might be facing:

  • starting up
  • low sales revenue in relation to overhead
  • poor articulation of your value proposition
  • recovering your joy
  • remembering why you did it in the first place
  • jerky cash flow
  • inadequate job costing
  • charging for value
  • bad debts on service delivery
  • capital shortages
  • the wrong business partner
  • difficult work colleagues
  • family business tensions
  • time starvation
  • potential mental health breakdown
  • potential bankruptcy
  • and a complete absence of strategy designed to create and realise your dreams and ambitions

Personal Strategy™ Business frameworks help you to make a profit from strategy and get better results.  It influences your thinking process, the stories you tell, how you value yourself and your business, your ambitions, personal wealth and sense of personal power.

You may surprise yourself and make some money by putting your spirit first.

Doing nothing can be expensive as you know.  Even a profitable business can collapse without a positive cash balance.  And the anxiety is not really necessary.

Personal Strategy™ Business is best in a crisis, even if it's on the small side.  Clients are always in a crisis of some sort when they chose to use this sort of service.  You either want something really badly or something is about to go terribly wrong.  It's normal.

But, you can resolve any issue. 

My latest client has made £4.00 net profit for every £1.00 invested in our services - recorded in the profit and loss account.

(Exceptional results for any small and medium enterprise.)

His identity is confidential but he will speak to you.

The fee rate is £99.00 per hour - for small and medium business with a turnover below £5m a year - payable in advance.  We take pre-payment because sometimes it is difficult to collect small amounts of money after a service has been delivered and the need has been satisfied - just one of those things - and it saves administration time for both of us. But we do guarantee our work - see the guarantee below.

Look at it like a taxi service.

Units of one hour are available locally in Bristol, or by Skype, or by telephone. 

Different options are available if you want to go through a complete strategy cycle or need emergency cover.

What's the next step?

It doesn't cost you anything to find out if this service is useful to you.  So, if you want to know more you can e-mail - call or text Joseph on +44 7887 513369


We guarantee our work because our reputation depends on the quality of our work with you.  You get results that satisfy you.  We build in checkpoints to assess progress and results. If you are not satisfied, we put it right or return your money.