NLP Master Practitioner: CERTIFICATION

NLP Master Practitioner

What if the impossible became possible for you? 

This programme builds a bridge to possibility through strategy.  

And you gain a sought-after professional qualification - recognised around the world - at the same time.

Modelling - the core skill of NLP - is the focus. 

And you evidence your new skill through a practical project, including: conception, recruitment, research, uptake, evidence, coding, and transfer.

Very few programmes in the world – if any – take you through all these stages.

‘This process was remarkably successful and enabled me and my team to achieve what I had previously thought were unattainable results. Specifically, we won the National Customer Service Award for Contact Centre of the Year (2004) and were listed as number 33 in the Sunday Times top 100 Great Places to Work Survey.’

Michele Robinson, General Manager Loop (FTSE100)

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You look at your personal and professional predicament through the lens of your modelling project.  

We support you and provide advanced NLP skills in strategies, language, beliefs, and state design.

This process alters your perception of possibility.

Your identity re-organises itself.  Your beliefs are turned around.  Your potential emerges into the light.

And, your results change.

So, if you have ever wondered ‘How can I do that?’ then Zetetic Modelling Strategy can help.

And you will become very good at NLP - generative, innovative and creative - and many more things as well.

It takes 20 days face to face time - because our history has shown mastery takes quite a lot of support - and at least 18 hours field research on your own time.

But you get access to your trainer 24/7 - by email, skype and text across the programme schedule of 11 months - because we want you to succeed and master the skills.


  • Modelling Project: modelling a specific and desired skill in real time – model selection criteria, triple description, unconscious assimilation of implicit knowledge, testing and refining, coding explicit description of implicit skill, transfer; and modelling logistics
  • Modelling Client: internal and external attention, sensory acuity, calibration, deep second position, and trance identification
  • Modelling Self: articulating from deep structure to surface structure
  • Modelling the Guide and Explorer relationship from The Watcher Awareness
  • Modelling State: no-pattern, no-form, no-technique (Zero State™)
  • Modelling and its relationship to cognitive analysis and other procedures represented as modelling
  • Evidence you are willing to explore and test the experiential limits of an idea, format, pattern, or strategy
  • Evidence you can bottom out detailed personal outcomes
  • Evidence you can use TOTE and Embedded TOTE model
  • Somatic Spatial Sorting™: can access somatic information spatially and in the conscious mind.  Evidence you can think with your feet
  • Sensory Acuity and Calibration: can observe and calibrate with the client or object; can distinguish content and process, verbal and non-verbal cues, surface structure and deep structure information, conscious and unconscious communication, micro and macro behaviour, signals and strategies.
  • Sub-Modalities: can recognise and use the finer design of sensory modalities - known as sub-modalities
  • Can use Distortion, Deletion and Generalisation, and Space-time to recover and generate experiential richness
  • Ericksonian Language Patterns: Learn the core strategy  of  Utilisation
  • Multiple-Embedded-Metaphor: can map out a series of metaphors that match the structure of a presenting problem and offer resolution
  • Can generate Spontaneous Metaphors, analogies or stories which offer alternative maps for the same territory
  • Verbal Package: can use the verbal package with the same purpose of recovering experiential richness in the explorer’s world. ©Grinder & Bostic St Claire
  • Context: can identify the context of behaviour and words offered by the explorer
  • Criteria: can elicit specific criteria, rank hierarchy, prioritise and utilise in designing and executing a strategy
  • Values: their use and abuse.  Making distinctions between universal values and concepts
  • Beliefs: can understand beliefs as a sensory-based structure available for modelling and turnaround
  • Beliefs: can elicit specific beliefs and illuminate their scope, context and framing for turnaround
  • Creating Freedom From Beliefs: explore some major models on beliefs including Bandler, Grinder, Dilts, Byron Katie, Nancy Kline and Forgiveness - in order to understand they are constructs, not truth
  • Belief Mapping: can model an explorer’s experience on systemic maps indicating (for example) representational system, critical sub-modalities, perception, time frame or logical level
  • Multiple-level communication: can use analogue markers designed to differentiate communications addressed to logic and the conscious mind, soma and the unconscious mind; anchor resources and direct the internal search of the explorer
  • Strategies: can design and install a new strategy to achieve an identified goal. Can identify and redesign a 2-point loop in a problematic strategy
  • NLP new code: recode NLP classic code formats to NLP new coding.

“My people were so impressed with the results that they recommended I publish them! I work on a Welfare to Work contract and have extracted a clear and easily adopted three-point strategy for supporting anybody into work. I carried out my modelling project over 6 months and within this time I increased the number of people I supported into work by over 400%. I know that it can work for anyone.”
Ellie Moseley: Welfare to Work

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Your Modelling Project 


Freedom from Beliefs 


Zetetic Language Model


Coding Your Model


Transferring Your Model



When people ask me how I got into ‘all this’, I take ‘all this’ to be my interest in the inner lives of myself and other people.

When I was 16, Julie and I escaped games lessons to read poetry behind the coats in the cloakroom at Bath Convent. We’d also stay up all night sometimes - talking and wanting to understand things about how life worked. Julie went on to become an artist and I went to Manchester University to study English & American Literature. Why American? Because some of the American poets seemed to say it in a real way about that internal experience I was getting very excited about. Why Manchester? Because I came from a farm in Wiltshire and I’d seen Coronation Street on TV, and I thought that people Up North were sort of gritty, direct and honest.

Now, Joseph and I work in this way full time, and continue training and collaborating with other people.

NLP was introduced into the telephone marketing business in 1984, and we studied it alongside other communication and personal development methodologies. That business trained over 400,000 people in telephone sales and over 100,000 in management skills.


The reckoning came in my early thirties.  I wanted to be alive again: to work with a sense of trust again and honour my own sense of self, not someone else’s.  And for the first time since football, I started to enjoy me in my own life.  And the more it happened the more exciting life became.

It wasn’t easy.  The initial risks - giving up quite a successful career - looked counter-productive.  But, with lots of support and retraining to pay attention to my own experience, it worked.

Since then I helped to found and build a global brand (Merchants) and start again.

Today, as before, I am interested in Strategy for a New World.  The most successful people I meet are being true to themselves.  And form follows spirit, not the other way around.  It just takes a bit of courage – and a lot of education.  That’s been true for me too.



Hours:            20 days @125 contact hours 9.00am – 5.00pm

Cost:            £3,950.00

or call +44 (0)117 955 8121

There is no VAT on this service

Venue: Central Bristol

The price includes assessment, accreditation and certification.


NLP training started for us in 1984 and is followed by 6250 personal and professional development hours by each partner.  We began to offer our own NLP Certification Courses in 1999 which were accredited then by the ANLP.

Here are some we have trained with:

Dr John Grinder, Dr Richard Bandler, Judith DeLozier, Carmen Bostic St Clair, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan PhD, Dr Tad James, Suzi Smith, Tim Hallbom, David Gordon, Dr Christina Hall, Judith Hemming and Byron Katie.


Professional Support Group

You will have access to a professional support group to help you with your ambitions, career transitions, emotions and conversations.

‘A very relaxed, very safe working environment for everybody.’

Dr Angela Berges



If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the first day of the workshop, speak to Elizabeth and she will refund your money.

or call +44 (0)117 955 8121

'This is not a theory or something to just talk about, it is real. Six years after the course has finished, I still refer regularly to that experiential knowledge. I even find it helpful on the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) that I am currently studying at Bath University.’  

Aaron Pascoe – Director Alverton Manor Ltd